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"Working with United States Equities Management Corp. has been wonderful".  They professionally took control of the Home Owners Association from the developer and created what it is today.  The organization that they have brought to the Summer Hill Homeowner's Association has helped us get started and you can see it." 
Jim Young

“After working with several different realtors to assist in my search for investment property, I decided to go with Jason Hand and United States Equities.  They have worked diligently to find neighborhoods that would be perfect for my development plans.  They have gone the extra mile to research these neighborhoods to make sure they fit with my future aspirations.  They have also taken the time to work with zoning and planning commissions to confirm that all codes and regulations would be met.  The services they have provided have far exceeded my expectations.”
Paul Biggers

“Selling your first house can be an extremely stressful situation, so when it came time for us to do so, we were very hesitant.  Choosing United States Equities as our realtor was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  They have made the selling process completely trouble-free.  The organization in setting up showings has been wonderful.  Looking for a new house has been a breeze because they took the time to understand our wants and needs to help us find the perfect house.  As a family with a new baby, we don’t have a lot of free time, but US Equities has worked around our busy schedule to accommodate our needs.  I can’t imagine the process being any easier!  They are great to work with!”
Alan and Cheryl Hunt

"Attention to detail is always apparent. That's why we've always had a quality product when U.S. Equities is involved."
Bill Gregg, Chairman, Gregg Construction Co. Nashville, TN

"U.S. Equities' approach provides a fully integrated system of accountability. From our very first conference, we knew what to expect of you. Since then, it's been a very refreshing and efficient relationship."
Ramon T. Franklin, Vice President, Liberty Properties Group, Liberty Life Insurance Co. Atlanta, GA

"It's always preferable to deal with a company like U.S. Equities, whose record of performance has established it as a company that delivers on its promises."
Michael L. Tubbs, Asst. Vice President, Sovran Bank, Nashville, TN

"We appreciate your adaptability to changing market conditions. U.S. Equities has always been able to design programs for us that are flexible and pragmatic."
Walter Verraes, Director,Kerckhof & Verraes, Ieper, Belgium
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